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 Does God Exist?   Is God Boring   Is Suicide an Answer?   Dealing with low Self Esteem    Dealing with Depression   Your Future?   How to have a Successful Marriage   Prosperity 

How to have good success  Restoration   Relationships Understanding sin Are God's Promises Real?  Understanding the Anointing of God  Understanding  the Soul   Understanding Righteousness

Changing your Image  Stewardship    Renewing your mind   Seedtime and Harvest   The Dangers of Backsliding    How to find God's will for your Life  Do Miracles Happen?


Committed to Setting the Captives Free, in the Fear of the Lord! (Luke 4:18, Is 49:8,9, Is 11:2)

NoPrisoners Worldwide Ministry  is an outreach ministry and caters, both nationally and internationally,  Our goal is to make available to all, everything needed for growth, spirit, soul and body 


Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers .III John 1:2


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Bible Power

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Complete version of Matthew and Ephesians, with Selections from the Gospels of Mark,Luke,John and Acts


Word Alive

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Word Alive App

Brings the Bible Alive in a powerful way, with application that impacts every aspect of daily lives.

The God Question

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Does God exist?

Are you searching for an answer, are you here for a  reason, but don't know the reason, what is your true destiny, what is your future? 

This app brings Questions and answers for life, from questioning if God even exists, to how to deal with depression, anxiety, marital relationships.


Bible Power Plus

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Complete KJV version of Matthew, Romans and Ephesians with selections from Mark, Luke, John and Acts with verse commentary. and a section on How to read the Bible.

Illustrates the Bible in a powerful way using clear concise commentary notes.

Bible Seed

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Christian commentary on Bible themes, topics range from, Do Miracles Happen? Understanding the Soul, How to read the Bible, to How to lead a successful and Prosperous life and many more.

Bible Power Prayer Free

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Learn How to Pray

Sections on Praying the Bible Word, Using the Lord's Prayer as a model for prayer.

Receiving the Holy Spirit Baptism and much more.

Bible Power Prayer Plus

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This is the full version of Bible power prayer plus without ads and includes advanced sections on praying Tabernacle Prayer warfare prayer and Temple prayer 

Bring answers to prayer, out of the spirit realm, into this earthly realm. 

Full of practical guides and prayers to bring you into the presence of God, by the Holy Spirit, standing in Christ, the Anointed One and His Anointing..




Ebooks and Paperbacks


How can there be a God, if there is worldwide suffering? Ebook

How can there be a God, if there is worldwide suffering? Paper back

God so loved that He gave Ebook

God so loved that He gave Paper Back

The Mysteries of God Ebook

Is God a Mystery? Paperback

Bible Power commentary: KJV Bible verse by verse commentary

KJV Bible OT & NT verse by verse commentary brings clarity, explanation, revelation, insight and understanding to the Word of God.

This is an ongoing project and will be added to, Initially the entire New Testament has been completed and Genesis 1.

The Master Plan

The world we live in today is becoming more chaotic, Governments around the world are becoming increasingly more draconian, with restriction of civil liberty and freedom of speech and expression, becoming the norm.


Many think that we are living in the time of the ending of the world as predicted by many religions, others are searching for answers.


Are we really living in a world of random chaos, or are we living in a Plan?


In this book, we take a journey of discovery to detail the greatest plan for mankind that many in the world have never known, this Plan has remained secret since before time began, but many generations ago this plan was revealed, yet many are unaware of it's existence.


We are now living in the time of this great plan, the most amazing time the world has ever known.





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'And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man's wisdom

but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power': 1 Corinthians 2:4



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